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  1. Smith and Wesson Model 1, 2nd issue 7 shot,  Cal. 22,  Date 1863, s/n 81020
  2. U.S. Trapdoor Springfield,  Cal. 45-70  30” barrel w/ramrod, case color bright blue, Date 1884, s/n 455378
  3. Sharps Saddle Ring Carbine 52 cal., right side barrel marked f troop 10 cav., Date 1852, s/n 34079
  4. Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No 1 ½ Intaglio Engraved Revolver in original box.  Cal. 22 short, Date 1880, s/n 4560
  5. Winchester model 1873 octagon barrel, set trigger, Cal. 38-40  Date 1881, s/n 72927
  6. Colt “SAA” Single Action Army – matching numbers – marked Colt Frontier six shooter, factory nickel traces still showing, Cal. 44-40,  comes with holster by Louis Hoffman “Vicksburg”, Date 1897, s/n 174841
  7. Colt “SAA” Single Action Army – Factory Nickel – 4 ¾” barrel, comes with Colt letter, Cal. 45, Date 1896, s/n 166954
  8. Winchester Model 1876, 28” octagon barrel – set trigger – rare carved stock showing General Custer, American Eagle and Indian Brave, Cal. 45-60, Date 1880, s/n 20065
  9. Early Sharps 4 Barrel Pistol, very good condition, Cal. 30, Date 1860’s, s/n 34
  10. Palm Pistol by Chicago Fire Arms Co., nickel finish, 7 shot, Cal. 32 extra short, Date 1895, s/n 1011
  11. Winchester Model 1876 Rifle, 28” octagon barrel, button magazine, special order, Cal. 45-75, Date , s/n 23582
  12. The only known luggage cased set of English Mail Coach Flintlocks.  The set consists of Blunderbuss by Harding & Son and 2 matching Pistols, all showing broad head English proofs and number 328 & 348.  The muzzles are engraved “For His Majesty’s Royal Mail Coach” in block letters.  The case has a plaque on it marked H.M.R.C. (His Majesty’s Royal Coach).  Date 1834,  Definitely museum quality
  13. Percussion Knife Pistol NON-XLL Unwin & Rogers, Horn handle with patch box built into grip.  Fold down trigger.  Cal. 30, Date 1870’s,  NVSN
  14. First Model Colt Dragoon Percussion Revolver, engraved cylinder Indian fight with Dragoon’s, very good condition.  Cal. 44, Date 1847, s/n 1122
  15. Rare Colt Paterson model 1839 Revolving Carbine.  Only 950 were manufactured between 1838-1941, the s/n 122 stamped on the back of the barrel & cylinder.  This Paterson Carbine is believed to have went to the Texas Militia.  It is marked on right side Patent Arms Co. N.J. Colts PT, Cal. 52, Date 1838 – one of the first Patterson 1839 Longarms manufactured.  In very good condition and action functions properly
  16. Colt Lightning medium frame slide action Rifle, octagon barrel, very good condition, Cal. 38-40, s/n32881
  17. Pr. Fantastic Percussion Dueling Pistols in fitted case with accessories (some missing), Name J.B. Rongefils is inlaid in gold on lock.  Engraved trigger guard, lock, hammer and butt grip cap. Gold inlaid #1 and #2, Cal. 44, Date 1850’s, 
  18. Great Drilling Long Gun, double barrel 16 ga. Shotgun over 7.7 Rifle, fantastic engraving and deluxe stock, Date 1880’s, s/n 4921
  19. Large “Dragoon Size” six shot Pepperbox Pistol, Cal. 32, Date 1870’s, s/n 192
  20. Percussion Rifle with fantastic carved full stock, Yeager style, engraved lock, barrel & hammer, makers name inlaid in gold, double set trigger, Cal. 41, Date 1860’s, NVSN
  21. Gamble quarter sawn oak fitted case holding Colt New Line 5 shot pistol, Cal. 41, Date 1870’s, plus bowie knife marked 1XL G. Wostenholm Sheffield, also has poker chips and dice
  22. Rare Pinfire double barrel Shotgun, engraved and gold inlaid marked D. Sackreuter, Damascus barrels, deluxe stocks, high grade 16 ga. shotgun, Date 1880’s, s/n 9162
  23. Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket #2 spur trigger Pistol, rare Intaglio engraved, fantastic grips, Cal. 32 RF, great condition, Date 1880’s, s/n 1515
  24. Smith & Wesson model No.1, 7 shot Pistol, Nimschke engraved, Ivory grips, Inscribed on back strap Geo. W. Barson, Cal. 22 short RF, Date 1870’s, s/n77554
  25. Hopkins & Allen XL No.5 spur trigger Pistol, Intaglio engraved Polish bone grips, nickel finish, Cal. 38 RF, Date 1880’s, s/n 1559
  26. Hopkins & Allen XL No. 4 Pistol, Nickel finish & Ivory grips, excellent pistol, Cal. 36, Date 1880’s s/n 1785
  27. Forehand & Wadsworth Side Hammer spur trigger Pistol, Nickel finish, Intaglio Engraved & Ivory grips, great condition, Cal. 22 short, Date 1880’s, s/n 32740
  28. Forehand & Wadsworth Side Hammer, Intaglio Engraved, excellent condition, Cal. 22 short, Date 1880’s, s/n 30430
  29. Wesson & Harrington Spur Trigger Pistol, Nickel finish & Ivory grips with rare attached cleaning rod, fantastic condition, Cal. 30, Date 1880’s, s/n 4779
  30. Forehand & Wadsworth Side Hammer spur trigger Pistol, Nickel finish, Cal. 22 short, Date 1880’s, s/n 34480
  31. Hopkins &  Allen Ranger #2 spur trigger Pistol, Nickel finish and Intaglio engraved, Cal. 30, Date 1880’s, s/n 1470
  32. Percussion Wesson Rifle by  Richland Arms Co, case harden & engraved frame, engraved barrel and patch box, double set trigger, Cal. 50, s/n 1968
  33. Percussion double barrel Fowling shotgun with carved boar’s head on stock, 16 ga.  Date 1870’s, NVSN
  34. Highly engraved LeFaucheux Pinfire Revolver, Cal. 44, Date 1870’s, s/n 973
  35. Unusual wheel lock pistol engraved ½ octagon & ½ round barrel, Cal. 56, NVSN
  36. Flintlock Pistol marked London on lock, Cal. 56
  37. Remington Rolling Block Carbine, 7mm Spanish caliber, stock marked No. 267, Date, 1864, NVSN



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