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  1. Simmons Hardware Single shot expert trap shot gun. Cal. 12ga Date 1920’s SN# Z-614
  2. Stevens Dbl. “steel” barrel hammered shot gun. Cal 12ga. Date: 1890’s  SN#A2267
  3. Winchester model 67A, bolt action carbine rifle. Cal. 22 S-L-LR Date 1940’s SN# NVSN
  4. Winchester model 69A, Deluxe bolt action rifle.  Cal. 22 S-L-LR Date 1940’s SN# NVSN
  5. Winchester model 74 Gallery Rifle, Cal. rare 22 short. Date 1950’s SN# 128559
  6. Winchester model 74 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. 22-LR.  Date 1948 SN# 194949A
  7. Winchester model 77 Bolt Action, Cal. 22-LR rifle.  Date 1950’s SN# NVSN
  8. Colt “SAA” Single Action Army Revolver, 4 ¾ “ Die Rolled barrel, shipped to Albuquerque NM  June 1904 with Winchester letter. Cal. 44-40,   Date: 1904
  9. Cooper Civil War dbl. action 1849 pocket model revolver, with rare Civil War leather holster.  Cal. 36 Date 1859-1864 SN#3411
  10. Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine Cal. 30-30, SN# 5071543
  11. Winchester model 50 Deluxe shotgun, Cal. 20ga. SN# 150427
  12. Winchester model 1894 takedown rifle in handmade coffin case. Reported to have been made by Mountain Men in Western Colorado. Cal. 30-30  Date 1896
  13. Winchester model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine, Cal. 44-40.  Date 1904 SN# 308307
  14. Rare Winchester model 90 pump rifle, octagon barrel, peep sight, excellent condition, Cal. 22 LR. Date 1933 SN# 747511
  15. Winchester model 62A pump rifle, Cal. 22 S-L-LR. Date 1940 SN# 114426
  16. Hopkins & Allen Arms Co. dbl. barrel hammer shotgun, great condition Cal. 12ga.  Date 1880’s SN# 57834
  17. Remington dbl “steel” barrel Deluxe shotgun, Cal. 12ga.  Date 1890’s SN# 41635
  18. John Botschek dbl. barrel shotgun, engraved, platinum band barrel, buffalo horn grips and trigger guard, Cal. 16ga. Date 1870’s
  19. Colt “SAA” Single Action Army Revolver, 5 ½ barrel, nickel finish in custom box with sterling sheriff badge, Cal. 45. Date 1881 SN# 71948
  20. Remington Pocket Model Single action conversion Revolver, Cal. 38.  Date 1870’s SN# 207
  21. Flintlock all metal Pocket Pistol Cal. 41.  Date 1840’s SN# NVSN
  22. National Arms factory engraved Pistol, Cal. 41.  Date 1870’s SN# CP17
  23. 4 Barrel Percussion Pocket Pistol factory engraved with ebony grips, Cal. 41.  Date 1880’s SN# 2
  24. Marble Game Getter Pistol, Cal. 22 over 410ga. Date 1950’s  SN# NVSN
  25. Colt with Richards Mason conversion, original nickel finish all numbers matching revolver, Cal. 44.  Date 1878 SN# 7235
  26. Colt model 1877 Lightning Revolver Cal. 38.  Date 1904 SN# 155167
  27. Colt Pocket Model Semi-Auto pistol, checkered grips, with Colt Medallion Cal. 380 Auto. Date 1936 SN# 119126
  28. Smith & Wesson “Lemon Squeezer” revolver. Cal.38.  Date 1898 SN# 179536
  29. Smith & Wesson “Lemon Squeezer” revolver. Cal. 38.  Date 1895 SN# 87650
  30. Smith & Wesson, spur trigger Single Action revolver. Cal. 38. Date 1897 SN# 60280
  31. Winchester Model 98 small cannon 10ga.
  32. Winchester model 1873 rifle, has Kings Improvement octagon barrel and full length magazine, Cal. 44-40.  Date 1878 SN# 33404
  33. Colt Pocket Model 1849 matching number revolver, Cal. 31.  Date 1875 SN# 9283
  34. Early Flintlock Guilleman Pistol, has high quality roller frizzen spring. Cal. 60. Date 1800’s
  35. Ried “My Friend” Large Frame Knuckle Duster revolver. Cal. 32.  Date 1880’s SN# 15960
  36. Winchester model 1873 lever action rifle, with fantastic engraving on panel scene of Frontiersman shooting Buffalo with Deluxe checkered stock & forearm.  Cal. 44-40.  Date 1894 SN# 494993
  37. Henry Lever Action Rifle in good original condition with 4 piece cleaning rod in butt stock storage trap. Cal. 44. Date 1864. SN# 7845
  38. Winchester model 1866 rifle. Very rare full nickeled rifle with Kings Improvement octagon barrel. Cal. 44. Date 1869. SN# 38956
  39. Colt “SAA” Single Action Army full nickeled Revolver. 7 ½” barrel. 95% of nickel finish, Sharp edges and marking. Bright fire blue screws. Excellent bore, super tight, full height front sight. All matching numbers. Near mint grips. One of the best antique SAA Revolvers known. Cal. 45. Date 1883. SN# 91171
  40. Very rare Colt 1851 Navy. Marked “USN” in custom fitted case. Cal 36. Date 1856. This Colt Navy was formerly in Keith Coulter collection. We are told this USN marked Navy Revolver is one of the best known. SN# 61009

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